As a Colorado native, Eli spent her childhood in the Denver metropolitan area. Eli and her husband, Parker, now live in the same neighborhood she grew up in and are raising their young family.

Eli graduated from Cherry Creek High School before taking her talents to Texas and receiving her degree in Communication Studies from Texas Christian University. She spent a few years in Fort Worth recruiting and fundraising at Cook Children’s Hospital. Although everything is bigger in Texas, Eli always knew Colorado was home, and in 2009 she moved back to the Centennial State.   

Eli’s life goal is to change her “corner” of the world. The health of her community and the happiness of those around her are the driving forces in Eli’s life. She’s spent her time in Denver fundraising for Children’s Hospital Colorado and most recently, mentoring High School Students working for Young Life in Cherry Creek Schools. 

Eli has 3  children: Logan, 5, Otto, 3, and Cooper 1.  Motherhood has changed and expanded Eli’s “corner” forever. Part of what inspired Eli to get into Real Estate is how deeply she cherishes and values her own home. Eli views her home as her sanctuary, the foundation for her family, a canvas for adventures and growth with her kids, and a space to welcome, entertain, and care for her family and friends. That is a gift she wants to give her clients and she is excited to walk alongside anyone in search of the same! 

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